Our service reliability prolongs the life of our customers'
equipment and ensures its uninterrupted operation

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    Full range of Inspections and services for rotating equipment

  • 02

    Scheduled and Unscheduled repairs

  • 03

    Vibration diagnostics and balancing

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    Non-destructive testing

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Sakhalin Turbine Service - customers' confidence in the long-term performance of their equipment

  • As a focused service company, we do our best to help customers to meet challenges in GTU maintenance.
    Our structure is geared toward creating value for customers, meeting their needs and developing every day. Since 2008, we are providing best solutions for GTU servicing.
    Since 2019, we have focused on work in the Far Eastern region of Russia.In 2020, the development of “Sakhalin Turbina Service”LLC and the design of a specialized repair facility for servicing rotating equipment in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk began.The launch of the facility is scheduled for 2022.
  • LLC Gazprom transgaz Ukhta

    • Three GTU Siemens SGT-600 A-level Inspection
    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 B-level Inspection
    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 modification
    • Three GTU Siemens SGT-600 and control systems adjustment
    • Two GTU Siemens SGT-600 C-level Inspections
    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 C-level Inspection
    • Modification of GTU SGT-600 according to Siemens service
    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 C-level Inspection
    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 C-level Inspection
    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 B-level Inspection
    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 emergency response and restoration
    • Two GTU Siemens SGT-600 C-level Inspections

  • Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.

    • 25MV electric motors repair Hitachi H-25
    • B-level Inspection of Brush generator
    • Main Inspection of GTU Hitachi H-25
    • Maintenance of the compressor motor at the OPF
    • Overhaul of compressors at OPF
    • PAA platform - SGT-100 gas generator replacement and
    maintenance of 2 (two) UN SGT-100
    • Repair of the electric motor KM-1420 Siemens 12000
    kWt; repair of K-1420 Gas centrifugal compressor Elliot
    • Electrical work: repair of electric motors КМ-3401, 1KM1301, 2KM-1301, KM-4401, 2КМ-1420, 2КМ-1440,
    1КМ-1440, Spair motor
    • GT combustion chamber H-25 Hitachi Inspection

  • Orshanskaya CHPP, Vitebskenergo, Belarus

    • GTU MS 5001P block B hot gas path Inspection
    • GTU GE MS 5001P block A main Inspection
    • GTU GE MS 5001P Block B CI+ level Inspection

  • JSC Sengileevsky cement plant

    • GTU Siemens SGT-400 recovery repair
    • GTU Siemens SGT-400 D-level Inspection

  • Rosatom, JSC Chepetsk Mechanical Plant

    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 recovery repair
    • GTU Simens SGT-600 C-level Inspection
    • GTU Simens SGT-600 A-level Inspection
    • GTU Simens SGT-600 D-level Inspection
    • GTU Simens SGT-600 E-level Inspection (turbine and

  • NCOC, Kazakhstan

    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 B-level Inspection, offshore
    • GTU Siemens SGT-600 B-level Inspection, offshore

Our team

We are a team of highly qualified specialists

Our personnel has extensive practical experience and regularly improves their qualifications
They are experienced chief mechanical engineers and electrical parts of various gas turbines, instrumentation and control specialists, controller-based control systems specialists ABB (Advant), Mark V and Mark VI, VI E, specialists in vibration diagnostics and vibration adjustment.

  • Quick response

    Local crews

  • Adapted to all kinds of tasks

    Our team has a wealth of experience working with both Russian and internacional partners.

  • Project management

    Experience in organizing and executing complex projects, including all stages, starting from the formation terms of reference for the implementation of repairs and ending supply of materials and equipment, provision of all the necessary personnel, standard and special equipment for performing repairs.